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Department Staff: Dr Bo – Head of Science
                              P. Board – Science Teacher
Subject intent
The science curriculum at Falconer is designed to inspire and encourage students to question and challenge the world around them. The science curriculum develops learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding through key computational concepts and experience.  Students develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, techniques and procedures before applying them to unfamiliar contexts. Students also learn to analyse information and ideas to make judgements, draw conclusions, develop and improve experimental procedures. 
Our Curriculum

Key Stage 3 overview
At KS3, students follow a condensed 2-year programme (Years 7 and 8) which covers the National Curriculum. This sets the students up for tackling the KS4 programme at the start of Year 9. Students will have 4 teaching sessions per week which covers a rotation of topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They will also be proficient in lab skills, scientific enquiry, literacy and numeracy skills.

Some of our KS3 students will follow a more nurture based primary model for the science curriculum giving them more support and encouragement to develop their skills at their own pace.
Key Stage 4 overview
From the start of Year 9, students follow the AQA curriculum for all of our science options at GCSE.

The majority of students will be entered for the Combined Science Triology GCSE this allows student to gain 2 GCSEs, an average being taken from all of the exams taken in each of the three sciences. Students will have four teaching sessions per week and the Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics are taught in rotation. Embedded in the course are required practical’s ensuring that the students continue to get a hands on science experience.