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School Uniform


Due to the Special Educational needs and disabilities of the children at Falconer school, it is optional for parents to purchase a school uniform for their child.

Children can attend school in comfortable clothing, when sensory sensitivity may find certain clothes itchy, heavy or tight which can lead to a sensory overload. These students will try to stick to the uniform colours where possible.

However, for those boys who are able to wear the uniform we have a duty to make sure that the uniform parents can choose to buy is affordable, in line with statutory guidance from the Department for Education on the cost of school uniform.  

We understand that items with distinctive characteristics have an additional cost. These include Logos and brand names. We also realise they cannot be purchased from a wide range of retailers. We know this limits your ability as a parent to shop around.  

We will make sure that as much of the uniform as possible to available widely from different shops and that it provides the best value for money possible for parents.



We will do this by:

  • Carefully considering whether any items with distinctive characteristics are necessary.
  • Limiting any items with distinctive characteristics where possible.
  • Avoiding specific requirements for items pupils could wear on non-school days, such as coats, bags and shoes.  
  • Keeping the number of optional branded items to a minimum, so that the school’s uniform can act as a social leveller.
  • Avoiding different uniform requirements for different classes.
  • Avoiding different uniform requirements for extra-curricular activities.  
  • Avoiding frequent changes to uniform specifications and minimising the financial impact on parents of any changes 
  • Consulting with parents and pupils on any proposed significant changes to the uniform statement and carefully consider any complaints about this


Whilst attending Falconer School, all students who can do so will adhere to the Uniform Dress Code. All of these items are available from any retail store. Students will be expected to wear the following:

  • Pale blue polo shirts 
  • Navy blue sweatshirt with the logo (without hood)
  • Black school trousers (plain; similar to those worn in mainstream schools).
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers (no logos or colours)


Students should not bring expensive items into school such as bags, shes, coats, watches, jewellery and electronic devices.


The school will not be responsible for such items if students bring them in.


A sweatshirt and fleece top are available for purchase at the school for the cold weather. These items do have a logo and there is a recognition these can be a challenge for parents to afford. 


Practical Subject clothing


On occasion students access opportunities such as construction, mechanics, the farm and other activities. Staff will alert parents before time for any specific clothing needed for these events.