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Year 9 Options

Dear parent/carer, 

RE: year 9 options evening 

I would like to invite you to accompany your son to our options evening on the 27th April from 6pm - 7pm. A wide range of key staff will be available to discuss the options with you. This will include: subject teachers, a member of Services for Young People, our careers advisor and representatives from West Herts College, Oaklands college and Apprenticeships.  

In order to help prepare for this important evening we have the KS3 parents and carers consultation evening on Wednesday 9th March and the Annual Reviews during the week commencing 14th March.


Making Choices 

Making curriculum choices in Year 9 is a very important process here at Falconer. It is an opportunity for you and your son to take increased control of the education choice on offer to him.  

The options chosen for Years 10 and 11 will affect how your son will spend his time at school for the next two years. The choices made will also influence what options are available after Year 11 in terms of further study. So it is vitally important that you attend this important key event and don’t miss this important opportunity.  


In order to help students make the right option choices, we are going to offer the year 9 students another round of taster sessions on Monday 21st March and Tuesday 22nd March, the students will only attend the taster sessions they would like to take as an option at KS4.

We have created a KS4 options booklet which provides an overview for the options process and details of the courses available to study. This document can be found attached below and hard copies will be provided during the options evening. 


All KS4 students will continue to take English Language and English Literature, Mathematics and Science.  This leaves 3 option choices to be made.  Although we will endeavour to match as many choices as possible, this will depend on staffing, numbers and timetabling.  Therefore, we advise all students to choose two reserve options.  

Once your son has made their choice, they must complete the options choices’ form, which can be found at the back of the options booklet. The deadline for returning this form is the 3rd May 2022

Finally, it is vitally important to choose subjects for the correct reasons. Take time to discuss with your son about which subjects he enjoys doing and what keeps him interested and motivated. 

We look forward to welcoming you on the 27th  of April.

Yours sincerely


Mr M. Abusef

Assistant Headteacher


The Year 9 Options Booklet containing information about the process and making your choices can be downloaded from the link below: