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Nurturing, Inspiring, Achieving the Extraordinary Together

The Curriculum

We aim to provide a curriculum which:

  • is consistent with local and National requirements and is personalised to meet individual needs
  • is broad, balanced and develops knowledge and understanding regardless of ability, gender, ethnic origin or social background
  • is challenging and inspiring, enabling students to reach the highest possible level of academic success and personal growth
  • helps students to be happy and secure in their learning environment
  • strengthens students‘ capacity to learn by developing positive attitudes towards challenges, allowing students to think creatively, independently and rationally
  • promotes self-confidence, perseverance and self-discipline, and the skills of performance, critical thinking and collaboration
  • promotes our subject specialisms of sports and mathematics across all subjects
  • allows students to see their school as part of a community, sharing the values of good neighbourliness and understanding that difference is a source of enrichment
  • Provides a rich ‘cultural capital’
  • promotes strong moral values and preparation for adult life and the world of work
  • provides students with a sense of success through their achievements
  • encourages high aspirations and a sense of awe and wonder for the achievement of others
  • provides significant cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which are open to all students


We use a number of online apps and websites to supplement our learning at Falconer School.

LiteracyPlanet is suitable for all students from ages three to 16 and beyond. It can also be used for students learning English as a second or additional language.

​​​​​​​Interactive maths learning for the whole school

​​​​​​​Learn Maths in an interactive way.

​​​​​​​Covers KS3 and KS4 curriculum subjects.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Empowering you with the skills you need today, for a better tomorrow