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The Curriculum

Students at Falconer School have a wide range of abilities and talents. We aim to ensure that they can develop the skills to emotionally regulate, organise and communicate so that they can access a curriculum at the right level of challenge for their ability. We support them in developing their ability to communicate well socially through our talk for learning programme. We work with our learners to ensure the pathway gives them to core knowledge and skills that will help them be successful in the next stage of their learning. We have three pathways for learners:


Academic Pathway: For those learners who find more formal learning accessible. They may be able to access a full set of GCSE subjects academically and go on to sixth form successfully.


Vocational Pathway: Many of our students do not enjoy more formal learning and are much happier when accessing more practical or vocational subjects such as Construction or Mechanics. For these learners functional skills and vocational programmes are more appropriate. They may prefer to go on to an apprenticeship or a vocational pathway at college. 


Less Formal Learning: For those learners who are more comfortable learning in less formal ways we are developing a less formal curriculum. These learners will go on to supported courses at College.


Depending on the subject and individual strengths students may access each of these pathways across their subject range.