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Department Staff: M. Thomas – Photography Co-ordinator

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to provide students with a space that allows them to explore and express emotions through digital art. This comes in the form of photographic techniques and digital retouching techniques. This subject is offered for Key Sage 4 students as an alternative to Art.


They will be able to explore the subject creatively and produce coursework at the same level and weighting as the Art GCSE.


KS4 curriculum

Year 10 will explore the theme of ‘My Surroundings’ and explore essential photographic techniques. They will learn how to meter and balance light levels and colour correct images using Photoshop. They will explore the work of many different photographers and photographic processes. Photography allows students to visually communicate their ideas. In the summer term, after the May half term, students will begin their 2nd GCSE project entitled ‘Detail’.


Year 11 will explore their theme of ‘Detail’, focussing on close up, fine art photography. Students will learn still life techniques and studio lighting processes. This project will run until the January, where the AQA Exam board will release the exam title for them to follow until the exam in June. This is two days of consistent working on their planned final piece.

Photography Curriculum Maps