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PE and Games

Curriculum Intent:

At Falconer we believe that our students are increasingly developing their knowledge, understanding and skills in PE lessons and enrichment activities.

In our PE department we have embedded a culture of high expectations. Our leaders make sure that pupils achieve all that they are capable of, both academically and in terms of personal development.

We give to all students an equal opportunity in their education, whatever their ability, class, race or nature by offering board and balance curriculum, individual interventions and personalised approach to reach own potential and goals.


We provide pupils the chance to engage in a wide range of sports and physical activities which will inspire them to lead healthy, active lives after they leave Falconer School. In addition through curricular and extra-curricular activities, pupils are developing their social, communication and independence skills, resulting in them being confident, resilient and independent young people who are prepared for adulthood.

Our aim is to ensure students develop their knowledge, practical skill and confidence.


In Games, all students receive one double lesson and one single lesson per week. Students are provided with PE kit which is kept in school and washed. Students must all have trainers for every lesson.

Within these lessons, students will develop the following essential skills to progress:

  • Developing skills in physical activity
  • Making and applying decisions
  • Developing physical and mental capacity
  • Evaluating and improving
  • Making informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Use team sports to encourage teamwork
  • Leadership skills


Students will learn and take part in a different sport each half term.

GCSE Physical Education

Students who have opted to study GCSE Physical Education will receive two double lessons and one  single lesson a week. The content of these lessons will cover theoretical and practical elements of the course.

The new GCSE PE is broken down into 4 components: Subject Overview:


1. Fitness and Body systems =36% of the qualification


2. Health and Performance =24% of the qualification

*Components 1 and 2 are part of the written exam.


3. Practical Performance =30%

Content overview

  • Skills during individual activity
  • General performance skills

*Pupil must complete three physical activities

  • One must be a team activity
  • One must be an individual activity
  • The final activity can be a free choice


4. Personal Exercise Plan (PEP)=10%

Content overview

  • Aim and planning analysis
  • Carrying out and monitoring the PEP

Evaluation of PEP


Student feedback:

  • “I thought this unit was fun and the teachers taught us well. I learnt lots from this unit” Year (8 student)
  • “I loved this unit of work. I enjoyed every minute of it and the staff are helpful and polite,” (Year 9 student)
  • “It’s fun and helps me improve my skills and learn a lot about sports,” (Year 10 student)
  • “I like PE/Games as we get to show our skills off that we have learnt and also my year show good sportsmanship,” (Year 11 student)

KS4 PE Curriculum and Progression