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In History at Falconer we aim to give our students a broad knowledge of how the past has shaped the world we live in today and allow our students to develop their critical thinking and evaluative skills.


Students in year 7 will start by learning investigative skills through exploring The Tollund Man and move on to topics intended to give a foundation of History based skills such as; ancient Greece / Rome, the Normans and Medieval history.


Our year 8 students will be working on topics such as; The War of the Roses (which was the real-life inspiration for Game of Thrones), The English Civil War, The Black Death and The British Empire.


Year 9 starts with an investigation in to Jack the Ripper and The American West, followed by a series of topics which are extremely relevant and important as they continue to have a huge impact on life in Britain today. These topics are; The Slave Trade, The First World War and The Second World War.


Throughout all of these topics, students will learn how to use key skills such as; chronology, creating timelines and how to use historical sources to discover more about the past. Students will also learn how to evaluate sources in a critical way, focusing on their reliability, validity and bias. In a world that is becoming ever more online, these are all useful and relevant life skills that will help students to be more analytic in discovering hidden agendas and who and what can be considered trustworthy in the media and on social networking sites.

At Key Stage 4 students will build on the key skills learned previously and start their History (AQA) GCSE topics in preparation for their exam. The topics studied throughout years 10 and 11 are:

  • Germany 1890 – 1945.
  • Conflict and Tension 1918 – 1939.
  • Health and the People.
  • Norman England.


Throughout all year groups, but particularly in Key Stage 3 we will explore the links between the skills learned in studying History and careers. Students will be given insights in to how careers have changed (such as forensics, architecture, global business etc.), how the skills they have learned in lessons are applicable in the wider world and will be given guidance on post-16 routes to achieving success in these fields.

KS4 History Curriculum and Progression