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The Governing Body is a key part of any school; it's constitution and responsibilities are set out in various Acts of Parliament.


The Governing Body has three key roles:

  • Setting the strategic direction of he school
  • Monitoring the work of the school by reviewing the performance of the head teacher
  • Ensuring financial viability


Falconer Governing Body have a strategic role in the development of the school but are not involved in the day-to-day management – that is the role of the Headteacher. They are accountable to the wider community for the conduct of the school and in turn hold the school leadership group to account for raising standards and ensuring every child finds and reaches their potential.

Falconer Governing Body are a diverse group of people with a wide variety of skills and experience which, coupled with our knowledge of the school, we use to challenge and support the leadership group in their work.


The Governing Body

The full Governing Body meets three times a year. At each meeting we receive a report from the Headteacher and minutes from the various committees. Other items are discussed or approved at specific times of the year for example exam results, plan for school improvement and budget.


The main Governing Body is supported by three main committees which meet once each half term.

  • The Resources Committee is concerned with budget and finance, premises and health and safety
  • The Human Resources Committee considers staffing, appraisal and training.
  • The Curriculum, Achievement and Well-being Committee deals with standards, curriculum, pastoral care and student well-being, SEND and Pupil Premium


 All governors are members of at least one of the committees (see below). We also attend public events such as; music concerts, the annual Celebration Day, prize-giving assemblies and PTCs. Please come and talk with Governors while you are at these events.


In addition, each Governor is linked to a faculty or specific area of school such as Child Protection, SEND and the Curriculum. In this role Governors regularly come into school to meet with staff and students.




Committee Members

2020 – 2021


                                                FGB – All Governors              Mrs M Reid (Chair)

                                                                                                  Mrs G de-Groot (Vice Chair)


Associate Members

Mr D English


HR Committee

Mrs D Hoeksma (Chair)     Mrs M Reid     Mrs C Beeden


Curriculum  & Standards Committee


Mrs C Beeden (Chair)

Ms S Ash

Mrs G de-Groot

Mr P Mostaeddi

Mrs M Reid

Mrs C Rodrigues

Mr G Searle


Finances & Resources Committee


Mrs D Hoeksma (Chair)

Ms S Ash

Mr D English

Mrs V Hudson

Ms Z Marsala

Mrs M Reid



Link Governors


Core Subjects


English                                                                                     Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement

Maths                                                                                       Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement                                                                                  

Science                                                                                    Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement

ICT                                                                                          Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement


Foundation Subjects


Art & Horticulture                                                                   Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement                                                        

Careers                                                                                     Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement

Design Tech                                                                             Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement

Food Tech                                                                                Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement

History                                                                                     Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement

Music                                                                                       Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement

PE                                                                                            Awaiting Confirmation/Agreement


SEN                                                                                        Mrs G de-Groot

Personal Development/Behaviour/Wellbeing                    Mrs M Reid

CLA/Safeguarding/Child Protection                                  Mrs G de-Groot

Finance                                                                           Mrs D Hoeksma

Health & Safety                                                                    Mr D English

SEND/EHCP                                                                  Mrs G de-Groot

Behaviour                                                                       Mr P Mostaeddi

Clerk to the Governors                                                Ms Julie Raybould

Clerk to the Disciplinary Committee                         Mrs Susan English