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The Governing Body is a key part of any school; its constitution and responsibilities are set out in various Acts of Parliament.


The Governing Body has three key roles:

  • Setting the strategic direction of the school
  • Monitoring the work of the school by reviewing the performance of the head teacher
  • Ensuring financial viability


From December 2021 some changes were made by the DfE and Herts County Council to the Governance structure of Falconer’s school. An Interim Executive Board (IEB) was appointed to fulfil the responsibilities usually carried out by the Governing Body.

The members of the IEB are all experienced educational professionals comprising of three Headteachers, a recently retired Headteacher and the Hertfordshire County lead for Access and Inclusion. The IEB will be in place for approximately twelve months, during which the DfE has asked the board to move the school towards a long term governance solution. One option to be pursued will be for the school to join an existing Multi Academy Trust. In addition, the IEB will work closely with Ms Fox and the other members of the school leadership team to ensure that the drive for school improvement continues to be focused and ultimately effective.


IEB members

Mrs M Lynch – Chair of IEB (

Mrs V Hudson – Vice Chair of IEB, Staffing, Attendance

Ms A Thomson – Safeguarding, Health and Safety, SEND






IEB Governors Attendance - 2022-2023