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How do I access SEN support for my child at Falconer School?

Your child already has a statement/EHCP in place, and this outlines very clearly the appropriate strategies that the school has to have in place to ensure it meets the learning and emotional needs of your child. When your child starts Falconer School, whether in year 7, or later, there will be a transition programme to ensure that their needs are met as soon as they start. Your child will be assessed during their first half term at Falconer School via MIDYIS tests, and together with other relevant FFT data, we will put these assessments together with information from their previous school and any available teacher assessments and observations to ensure:


  • The most appropriate support for your child
  • The most appropriate groupings for your child
  • Participation in appropriate small group support.


Falconer School works closely in partnership with all its feeder schools. Information is shared between the School and the feeder school with regard to SEN where this is agreed with the parents and students involved. As part of the transition process, students and parents/carers will have the opportunity to meet with Mrs Lee (SENCO) and the SEN support team and to visit. There is usually opportunity for students to take part in induction activities as part of the whole School transition programme.


Students with EHC plans will have undergone their review in sufficient time prior to their move to the School to enable appropriate and planned interventions and support to be put in place. The deadline for completion of this review is February 15th in the year of transfer.