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Nurturing, Inspiring, Achieving the Extraordinary Together


The Mathematics department here at Falconer School aims to deliver exciting, challenging and relevant Mathematics.


We have two full time teachers supported by a full time dedicated Teaching assistant. We have a supportive atmosphere where students are not afraid to make mistakes or take risks and where students are able to work both collaboratively and independently.


All students have 4 lessons of 40 minutes each week. During this time we strive to give students an understanding of the underlying principles of the mathematics they learn, making links and developing reasoning skills and logical thinking with the aim of developing independent and collaborative learners. All classes also have a Numeracy session once a week in which problem solving and working together are developed through exciting informal activities such as puzzles, games and challenges.


Wherever possible we will use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods. Here at Falconer Mathematics Department we recognise the importance of clear well-presented written work as well as practical hands-on learning and computer-based activities. Maths is taught in two dedicated classrooms, both with interactive whiteboards, one with a full set of desktop PCs and the other room has access to laptops.


All subjects here at Falconer deliver Numeracy skills as and when necessary in their subject whether it is measuring in the Technology Department or graphs and charts in science, Numeracy is seen as a vital skill for all.

At KS3 we follow the National Curriculum and aim to cover a wide range of skills and techniques. Students start the GCSE syllabus in the Summer term of Year 9 to allow for extra revision time before their GCSE exams. At the end of Year 10 and in January of Year 11 the students sit Edexcel Mathematics awards at level 1, 2 or 3 in Number & Measure and Algebra respectively. A pass at Level two is worth half a GCSE grade B. This is to boost students’ confidence and to give experience of sitting public exams whilst allowing staff to gauge progress.


At the end of KS4 all students achieve a GCSE from the Edexcel exam board. There are two levels, Foundation (G – C) and Higher (up to A*). The paper a student sits is based upon their target grade and achievement in mock papers. We expect all students to make progress at least in line with government expectations, if not higher. Should a student not be making expected progress we endeavour to address this with targeted interventions to enable and assist this student to gain the skills which they are capable of.


Independent study is an important way to consolidate what students have learned in class. They also might be given a task that involves watching a tutoring video, making notes or carrying out research into a topic. All students have a session once a week during school hours to do this whilst supported by their form tutors.


We look forward to seeing you strengthen, grow and flourish throughout your time here at Falconer!