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Department Staff: P. Board

                           J. Dowd


Subject intent

The maths curriculum develops learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of a wide variety of mathematical concepts.  The KS3 curriculum has been designed to ensure learners have the key skills to deal with maths in everyday life – such as money, measurements and problem solving, whilst also preparing them for the KS4 curriculum of GCSE or Functional Skills. The KS3 curriculum also aims to bridge gaps that students may bring with them to Falconer.  The maths department believes that all students should be given the necessary knowledge and understanding to feel confident in their mathematical ability for everyday life.


Our Curriculum


Key Stage 3 overview

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is underpinned by the National Curriculum and aims to cover a wide range of skills and content. At Falconer the emphasis is always on the student as an individual.  Therefore we focus on consolidating fundamental mathematical principles with the aim of filling any gaps in knowledge.   The teaching is carried out by a mix of departmental and core teachers.


Topics covered: Number and place value and the four operators; fractions; geometry; measurements; coordinates; probability; percentages; algebra; circles; graphs; data; and shape.


These topics are visited more than once, building the level of mastery. The KS3 curriculum finishes at Easter of year 9, at which point work towards the Year 11 qualifications.


Key Stage 4 overview

All students will be entered for the Edexcel GCSE at the end of year 11.  The exam has both a Foundation and Higher level papers.  The paper a student sits is based upon their target grade and achievement in mock exams. Across year 10 and 11, the topics covered in KS3 are revisited and enhanced, whilst new material is covered including: approximations; constructions and loci; standard form; number patterns; and simultaneous equations.


The Functional Skills qualification in Maths is also offered to some students to equip them with the mathematical skills to live, learn and work successfully.