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Students at Falconer School are offered support around their emotional regulation. High levels of anxiety and challenges they face daily have detrimental effects on their effectiveness in learning and engaging in learning. It affects their self-esteem and motivation to succeed. At Falconer, we feel strongly that expressing emotions and identifying strategies to manage them are core learning knowledge and skills to enable the learners to thrive. 


Support for learners with high levels of anxiety are personalised and bespoke. Strategies can come from a range of people including parents or carers, therapists, teachers or peers. Staff continue to monitor and guide learners in becoming more emotionally literate. We use variations of Zones of Regulation to help with this.

At Falconer School, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of being able to understand our own challenges. This is to help us name and manage our emotions more successfully. A culture of seeking support is encouraged and supported by the availability of a range of therapies to suit the needs of our learners.