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Department Staff: K. Ajmal – Teacher of Religious Education


Subject intent

The RE curriculum at Falconer School is organised to support the development of our students’ knowledge of religious and non-religious beliefs and worldviews, practices and ways of life, and enable our students to make links between them. A key aim of the RE curriculum at Falconer School is to develop our students’ knowledge and understanding in practical terms, of the different members of the rich and diverse communities in which they live.


As well as studying some of the world’s major religions, students will also explore other topics that relevant to their own lives in modern Britain, such as democracy, the rule of law, ethics, and human rights.


Knowledge and skills are supported by first-hand experiences, including visits to local places of worship and other relevant places such as the Houses of Parliament. The RE curriculum is designed to support positive attitudes and values, and encourage children to reflect and relate learning to their own experience. Children are taught in a way that aims to encourage mutual respect and tolerance for people who are different to themselves.


Our Curriculum


Key Stage 3 overview

The KS3 curriculum at Falconer School has been designed in a way that is both varied and enriched in concepts relating to fundamental questions about religion, whilst also further exploring other types of belief in order to gain a better understanding and tolerance of those from different backgrounds. Students will explore the fundamental beliefs and traditions of the 6 major world religions throughout year 7 and 8. By year 9, topics will begin to delve in to concepts such as ethics and democracy. Students will begin to understand the role that religion plays in society, whilst further discovering how to make reasoned decisions and informed judgement about religious, ethical and moral issues.