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Music Intent: 

Music is a universal language accessible to everyone irrespective of age or ability. The primary intent of music lessons is therefore to enrich every child’s learning by broadening their listening spectrum to include a wide variety of styles that ultimately will improve their well being. The therapeutic nature of both listening and making music is behind each aspect of our curriculum which aims to motivate further exploration of individual musical tastes outside and beyond the school. At the end of every course, children will have experience and enhanced knowledge of music that will be crucial in developing as individuals and have vastly rewarding benefits in all other walks of life.

Falconer pupils enjoy a rich variety of musical activity on a daily basis. Three members of staff support the boys at break times and during lessons playing covers of mainstream rock and soul numbers, as well as leading the school band “Rock Birds of Prey” who meet every Friday during their enrichment session.


Alongside this, classroom lessons are a chance to learn the rudiments of music theory, reading notation and experiencing the work of composers throughout the ages.


For those in years 10 and 11, the option of studying for a BTEC qualification in music allows pupils to learn about the music industry and opens a pathway to opportunities that suit their musical aspirations.


Mr Stacey, our new music teacher, is a well-known professional musician who has taught in schools for twenty years and is building the department to enable pupils to make CD recordings and perform in public over the coming months and years.

Whatever style of music your child enjoys, he is sure to find something that gives enjoyment and enormous learning potential.

KS4 Music Curriculum and Progression