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How can I let the staff at Falconer School know that I have a question or am concerned about my Child’s progress?

There is a strong focus on working in partnership with parents/carers at Falconer School, which means that we do not wait for a concern to arise but are proactive in seeking input from parents/carers. If you have comments, questions or concerns as a parent, we will listen and respond to them.


Ways to contact us are:

  • Email:
  • By phone: 0208 950 2505
  • In person: In order to ensure that you meet with the relevant person, it is best to call and make an appointment.


Information about the School will also be shared with you by:

  • Text message – parent mail
  • The School website
  • Letters sent home with students.


Who can I contact at the School?

  • DSP – Mr L. Murray, Ms L. Kent, Ms L. Smith, Mrs S. Ash, Ms T. Cox, Ms V. Davis
  • Your child’s form tutor or mentor
  • SENCO – Mrs Lucy Lee


In the very unlikely event that you feel a query/concern has not been addressed, there is aSchool complaints policy which is found in the policies section of the website.