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Every Day Counts.......

Falconer School is committed to providing all children with the best start in life and works hard to ensure that all children attend school regularly. 

Reducing absence from school is a key priority for the school, Hertfordshire County Council and the Government.  The majority of parents at Falconer School ensure that their children attend school regularly. 


Why should my child attend school every day?

 100% = Best chance of success! 

Poor attendance will impact on learning.

Very poor attendance has a significant impact on learning.


Support with School Attendance

Please remember that if there are reasons why your child is missing school then keep the school informed. If your child is off school, then speak to the school as early as possible on the first day of their absence. 

If no notification of absence is received, the school will contact parents to find out why. 

Where possible let the school know in advance of any planned absences e.g. hospital appointments. 

Where possible make medical/dental appointments out of school hours. 

Parents should provide reasons for absences and the school must decide whether or not they authorise in line with Government Guidelines 

Your child is expected to be in school for 195 days an academic year with 175 days off due to weekends and school holidays.

Why does attendance matter?

Attending School on a regular basis is the key to your child doing well at school and will set them up with good routines for later life and the working world, as well as giving your child the opportunity to:

• Make lots of friends and feel included.

• Learn new things and develop many skills.

• Increase confidence and self esteem

• Improve social skills

• Achieve potential and fulfil aspirations.


90% Attendance: 

David is a child who attends school for 90% of the time.  His parents think this is quite good. David is absent from school for the equivalent of one half day a week. 

Over a whole school year David would miss four weeks of lessons.  David would also spend more time away from school over the year than in school! 

If David’s attendance for his whole time at school was 90% he would have missed 209 days of school, that’s a whole school year!


N.B. When “Parent” is referred to in this leaflet, we are referring to Parents and Carers. 

This year’s target attendance for each pupil is 100% with the minimum required 95%.


Celebrating Attendance 

We reward good attendance with Marvellous Me’s, entry into a weekly raffle for those who have achieved 100% attendance that week and celebration assemblies. In addition, there will be additional rewards for the Form group with the highest attendance on a termly basis. 

Term Time Holiday 

Family holidays should take place during the school holiday dates. Please be mindful that absence due to a holiday is not, and never has been a parent’s entitlement. If a holiday in term time cannot be avoided due to exceptional circumstances, an absence request form should be completed. The Head teacher will then decide whether or not to authorise this absence. Parents may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice for an unauthorised holiday in term time. 


Absence and the Law

As a parent you are committing an offence if you fail to make sure that your child attends regularly, even if they are missing school without your knowledge.  This could lead to the initiation of legal proceedings.