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At Falconer we want our school to reflect our understanding and commitment to supporting students with Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties. It is important to recognise how SEMH can contribute to their ability to learn, to enjoy school, to regulate their emotions, to behave in a positive manner and to make positive choices.


Understanding and supporting students with social emotional and mental health difficulties will ultimately result in improved progress and progression for these students.



At Falconer we believe that all our students benefit from an individualised approach to helping them participate in school life to the best of their potential.   This is likely to involve trying strategies which are different to traditional, behavioural based techniques that work for some students but not those who exhibit challenging behaviour due to SEMH difficulties.


                                                                                                                               (from book  Help for Billy)


Falconer School has developed an approach which recognises that scared children will do scary things.  The central role of our skilled adults is to help a child with SEMH reshape thinking; through not only catching them getting it right, but more crucially, supporting them when they are getting it wrong.


For students with SEMH, challenging behaviour primarily comes from a place of conscious or unconscious anxiety or fear; developing strategies to regulate emotions such as fear and anxiety is the key step in supporting our students to progress. Challenging behaviour can also be a form of communication and it is for the adults to coach, model and teach pro social means of communication.


At Falconer, everything we do is based on building positive attachments (mutually respectful relationship) with our students. Developing a positive relationship with students helps them to develop a positive relationship with school and learning. 



Understanding and supporting students with social emotional and mental health difficulties will  result in improved progress and progression for students.


Our approach is about getting it right for each individual student at our School.


Achieving the Extraordinary Together