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School Uniform

School Uniform

Year 7 – Year 10 Students


Black Trousers                                                Jeans and tracksuits are unacceptable

Single white collared shirt or polo shirt         T-shirts are unacceptable

School Tie (clip on)                                        Provided by the School (optional)

Footwear – shoes or trainers                           Black ONLY (must be smart footwear)

PE/Games socks                                             Any colour with permanent name tag attached

Football Boots                                                Any colour

Blazer                                                              Black available from school


Additional Blazers may be purchased from school at a cost of £20.00

Additional Ties may be purchased from school at a cost of £5.00


School Uniform                                             Year 11 Students


Year 11 Students have a choice of wearing either the school uniform (as outlined above), or the following:-

Suit                                                                  Colour of his choice

 Shirt                                                                Colour of his choice (plain only)

 Tie                                                                   Colour of his choice

 Footwear - black shoes only                           Boots or trainers are inappropriate for school wear


The wearing of jewellery is unsafe.  Students are not permitted to wear either nose, tongue or eyebrow studs.  Stud earrings are acceptable, but Students will be required to remove them when participating in potentially dangerous activities.  Students will not be allowed to wear hooped or drop earrings.


If Students wear ‘designs’ in haircuts they will not be permitted to participate in any off site activities.  Any hair colour considered unreasonable by the Senior Management Team will not be permitted.


On admission to Falconer School there is a once only charge of £75.00 to cover the cost of the following items:


A school blazer, a school tie and a PE Kit, consisting of shorts, shirts and socks, avoiding inevitable replacement costs as kit becomes too small, the cost of laundry is also included.


Swimming kit needs to be provided by the parent


Please note the charge of £75.00 will cover the cost of PE Kit from Year 7 to Year 11.

 Admission to the school is conditional on the above items being provided, purchased or paid for either in advance or by arrangement.


Please make cheques payable to Falconer School


Mobile telephones as with prohibited materials such as cigarettes / lighters are not permitted in or around the school building during the school day.

 Students may use mobile telephones to listen to music whilst travelling to and from school.

 All mobile telephones will be handed in to the form tutor on arrival at school and these will be returned to the pupil when leaving the school premises.


Students misusing mobile telephones will have them confiscated until parents arrive in school to collect.  Misuse of mobile telephones will result in a ban being imposed.

 Students are encouraged to use mobile telephones responsibly.

 As for cigarettes / lighters / matches an amnesty will be in place for those who hand in such items to tutors at the beginning of the school day.  These will be returned at the end of the school day.  Students found in possession of cigarettes / lighters / matches will have said items confiscated.  Parents will need to make arrangements with the school to collect.  With parental permission items may be destroyed.


Students suspected of carrying prohibited materials will be subjected to a search.