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Key Stage 4 Letter (Year 10 & Year 11)

Dear Parent/Carer


Re:                                                      Mobile Phones


Students in Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) – mobile phones must be put away or handed in to the form tutor or school office during the school day and are not to be used for any reason during school time; this includes listening to music etc.


If a Key Stage 4 student is unable to adhere to the following guidelines then they may be subject to a 1 day exclusion


Why we have this rule in rule in school with regard to mobile phones:-


  • Are distracting in class
  • Make it hard to concentrate
  • Are used by students for texting or entertaining
  • Can be used to cheat
  • Can be used for taking ‘funny’ photos of others
  • Could be used as a tool for bullying
  • Texting can harm grammar skills
  • Can be used to disrespect staff


I am asking that you support the school regarding this issue.  Thank you


Paul Clair - Headteacher