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Key Stage 3 and 4 Reports

Falconer School Report Key stage 3 and 4


You will be receiving your son’s Autumn Term progress Report this half term.

The Reports have been developed to better help you understand the progress your son is making in both School Work and Behaviour.  


Academic progress – How we report


  The Tables show data for core subjects and data for all other subjects

        This show the Age related level your son is working at.


    If progress more than 1.00 then this is above expectations. 

    If progress is 1 step (1.00) then this is at the Expected level. 

    If progress is Below 1.00 then progress is less than expected.

    If progress is 0 or below then no progress has been made.


   The graphs illustrate the progress so far this year.



Information to explains what terms like 7E, 9D or 8M represents






The Chart on the left will help you convert Key stage 4 levels into GCSE





Behaviour Progress– How we report


The behaviour report is based on your sons’ behaviour across the school during Autumn half term.

The Chart shows week on week how many points your son has earned each week


The Chart Shows Total Weekly Points Achieved.


  • 180-203 points represent a GOLD Week – Good to Outstanding Standard achieved
  • 160-179 points represent a SILVER week – Satisfactory to Good Standard achieved
  • Below 160 represents a BRONZE week – Poor to Satisfactory Standard achieved

Points are earned by students based on their behaviour. Behaviour is looked at in three main categories:

  1. Learning: Completing tasks in lessons
  2. Social: Positive behaviour in sessions  
  3. Emotional: Positive attitude to repair or resolve issues


The Chart Shows in which Behaviour Category these points have been earned each week. It shows what percentage of each category was earned. 80% would be expected in each category.


If you have any questions about your sons report, please contact the class teacher.