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Design Technology

Using modern, smart materials and computer aided design techniques, the subject of Design technology allows our students to create interesting projects that just were not possible outside a factory five or ten years ago.


At Falconer we try to give the students a chance to design and make projects that are of interest to them and are challenging enough to get them learning new skills.


At KS3 the year 7 students are taught to design and make a splat mirror from wood, as well as a hand held puzzle which uses both wood and plastic combined. They are introduced to the design process, and learn theory on tools, processes and techniques; along with detailed information on different materials.


At KS4 the students learn to design and make a product for a client other than themselves. Resistant materials technology is split into two parts:


Coursework which is worth 60% of the overall grade.

This consists of a coursework folder of 25 pages or power point slides and set practical sessions. These sessions are Controlled assessments.


2 hour exam which is worth 40% of the overall grade.

KS4 DT Curriculum and Progression