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Returning to school - September 2020

Dear Parents/carers,

We would like to inform you that, next week the students will be attending the school only for half a day, the students will be attending during the following time: 

Year 7 and 8 start school on Monday 7th September. They will be in school from 8.30am until 12.30pm on this day.

Year 9 start school on Tuesday 8th September. They will be in school from 9.30am until 1.30pm on this day.

Years 10 and 11 start school on Wednesday 9th September. They will be in school from 9am until 1.15pm on this day.

All students will have a half-day in school on their first day in order to familiarise them with the Covid guidelines and routines in place in school.

From Tuesday 8th September Year 7 and 8 will start school at 8.30am and finish school at 2.30pm.

From Wednesday 9th September Year 9 will start school at 9:30am and finish school at 3:30pm.

From Thursday 10th September Year 10 and 11 will be in school from 9.00am until 3.00pm.

Reminder: The school day finishes at 12.30pm on Friday’s.




Dear Parent / Carer


As you are likely aware, the government has announced that schools should fully reopen from the start of the upcoming Autumn term. This means we are planning to open to all of our students in September. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back and the school will be fully operational for all year groups from week commencing Monday 7th September 2020.


We are working hard to make the school a safe and enjoyable environment and need to ensure that everybody is clear about the changes we have made to the day to day running of the school.


The start of term is as follows:


Thursday September 3rd: Inset Day – School Closed

Friday September 4th: Inset Day – School Closed

Monday September 7th: Term Starts (Yr7 & Yr8)

Tuesday September 8th: Term Starts (Yr9)

Wednesday September 9th: Term Starts (Yr10 & Yr11)


This will allow each year group a detailed transition or reintroduction to school, some wellbeing support, and a chance to catch up with their friends and staff. Other schools may do it differently depending on their setting and accommodation, but we believe this will give us the safest and most effective start to the new academic year.


In order to ensure that we adhere to government guidance, and with the safety of students and staff in mind, all year groups will be based in a specific area of the school, with staff allocated to each group. This will ensure that movement around the school is minimised for both students and staff. Staff will remain within their year group bubble and as far as is possible will not move outside of the bubble.

Timings of the school day will be as follows:

Year 7 &8           8.30am – 2.30pm

Year 9                9.30am – 3.30pm

Year 10 &11       9am – 3pm



Snacks and Hot & Cold Lunches will be provided as normal




In order to ensure that we are able to maintain the integrity of the year group bubbles, we have made changes to school transport so as to enable the students to be transported in their year groups. Students who travel on Falconer School Transport have been allocated a place on a bus with other students from within their bubble. Students who are in receipt of LA transport will be transported into school in the same manner as usual, with minor changes to the start and finish times of the day so as to enable the students to enter and leave school within the safety of their year group bubbles.


The school will of course be open to all students from 8.45am each morning should you wish to transport your child to school independently. The Local Authority would like to encourage the uptake of Personal Transport Budgets.


Given the concerns many families may have about their child returning to school and/or travelling on contracted transport, a PTB (personal transport budget) is an option that some families may wish to consider. PTBs are calculated on the basis of 0.45p a mile, using the child’s home-school distance and four journeys a day,

for example:  a child living 10 miles from school would receive a PTB of £18 a day (0.45 x 10 x 4).


If you are interested in this option you should contact the SEN transport team via email to . If this is the case and you are planning to transport your child to and from school yourself, please contact the school


Safety measures


We wanted to explain what you can expect from us and what we will expect from all of our parents and carers. When your children come into school, we will have the following protective measures in place:  

  • Students must regularly clean their hands at school by either washing them or using hand sanitiser. Stations will be available in school for washing and using hand sanitiser. We are asking all students to bring their own hand sanitiser to improve wider access to hand hygiene.
  • Face masks and coverings are optional for children and advisable for all adults.
  • Temperature will be taken of all staff and children for monitoring purposes. Staff with temperature will  be sent home. If child has a temperature (and no other symptoms) parents will be informed, and child  will be monitored in school.
  • Students must not come on site before the identified time for them / their year group. Once on site they will be greeted and sent to their year group base to follow their timetable. Tutor time for some groups has been moved to the end of the day to create a more controlled departure and to prevent bubbles from mixing.
  • Students will be taught in year group bubbles in specific teaching blocks as outlined on the attached map. Students will only come out of these teaching areas for specialist lessons in subjects such as ICT,  PE, Art and DT.
  • The timings of the day have been adjusted to allow for staff and a students to arrive at and leave school in a manner which prevents the bubbles from mixing.
  • The school will be regularly cleaned during the school day, with attention being paid to toilets, catering and certain specialised teaching spaces that will be shared by some year groups.
  • Social distancing will be maintained, wherever possible to 1-2 metres, especially for staff who have to teach across multiple year group bubbles.
  • We will follow a detailed COVID 19 response plan created by Herts County Council should we have any suspected cases or cases on the virus.
  • We are advising all students to wear face masks on school transport as well as the mandatory use of masks for those that use public transport to get to school. Masks will need to be removed on arrival at  school. Masks are not deemed to be necessary in school as per the latest DfE guidance.


Unsafe behaviours place the whole school community at risk. Online learning    arrangements will be put in place if students are unable to follow safety measures.




Attendance will be mandatory from September 2020, as the government expects all students to attend school. The usual rules will apply and we will be recording attendance and following up on any absences.


If your children have been staying at home due to the current shielding guidance, the government is due to pause this guidance on 1 August 2020 if there is a continued decline in coronavirus transmission rates. That means they should be able to come back to school in September 2020.


However, if you have received clinical or public health advice that your son should still remain at home, please let us know and continue to follow that guidance. We’ll be offering remote education to these students.


If you have any questions or concerns about the points we’ve set out above, please get in touch with the school at


This information is subject to change if DfE guidance alters or a local lockdown situation occurs. We will communicate any changes that need to be made as soon as possible. We’re extremely grateful for all the support we’ve received so far from our school community. We’ll continue to keep in touch if there are any updates to our plans or if we need to make changes due to new or updated government advice or changes to our local circumstances.


You will be contacted by the 5th of September to ensure you and your son have all you need to feel confident to start the new term.


We hope to see you all soon.


Falconer School   25th August 2020