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Admissions Arrangements

Falconer School is one of four secondary SEMH schools in Hertfordshire. All students at Falconer School have an Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


If you are thinking of requesting a special school placement for your child, the first thing to do is to discuss it with your child's SENCO. They know how your child's needs are met in their current school and they will be able to talk to you about the guidance for special school places, and talk through your views on your child's school placement. After you have discussed it with your SENCO, you can contact your SEN Officer. The SEN Officer is the person who manages your request for a special school. They arrange for your request to go to a panel, and they handle the consultation process which occurs after.

When a young person is being considered for admission to an SEMH school their case is heard at a Provisions panel which decides the type of school that would best meet the needs of that individual student. Following this a Placement panel meets to allocate an actual provision. This is normally the closest provision available, but alternatives can be suggested if the closest provision is at or over its capacity, or a parent or carer agrees to provide transport to their preferred choice.


Once a place has been allocated at Falconer School, we arrange a visit for the student with parents and carers and quickly follow that up with a home visit. As soon as transport is organised a start date will be agreed between Falconer School and the parents and carers.


Falconer School primarily educates students from the South West Hertfordshire and Hertsmere areas, with a few students from slightly further away and a few from neighbouring local authorities.


For further information regarding how to request a place at Falconer School please visit:

or speak to your SEN Officer.